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Action Publishing is a west coast independent publisher of quality children's picture books, juvenile and young adult fiction and non-fiction for all ages.

How to Grow a Child by Bernard Percy is theThe moving and inspiring story of the 34-year friendship between a teacher and his students and the children's words of wisdom that changed their lives.

Moments of Astonishment by Bernard percyIn Moments of Astonishment: On Becoming a Better Dad author and educator Bernard Percy shares the lessons learned on the journey to being a successful parent -- a title his three daughters believe he has fully earned. read more
A website exclusive only available here and at Bernard's seminars.

The People's Guide to the United States Constitution

The People's Guide to the United States Constitution makes it easy to read and understand the Constitution Protect your rights and freedom knowing the Consitution and encouraging others to read it too. By Dave Kluge.

The Adventures of Dinosaur Dog 1 Tyranosaurus ForestScience fiction adventure books for young readers (ages 8-11) with a Chow-chow dog, dinosaurs, time-travel and two adventurous boys. The Adventures of Dinosaur Dog series will keep even the most reluctant reader coming back for more. By Scott E. Sutton.

Margaret by Jeremy DubowMargaret is a picture book about a strong girl and her special connection to the beauty of nature. "These are the simple but beautiful pleasures of life. We all want to be like Margaret." --Chick Corea.

Flying FingersRemarkable child author Adora Svitak inspires children to write and learn with stories, writing tips and advice for parents in Flying Fingers. A great book for teachers and home schoolers working to improve children's reading and writing skills.

The Family of ReeHumor, adventure and good values for young readers in the colorful world of Ree have made The Family of Ree series treasured children's picture books.

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