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Algis Budrys on Writing

Algis Budrys - Writing to the Point
64 pages
soft cover

Writing to the Point
By Algis Budrys

Write better stories
Fix mistakes in your present stories!

Algis Budrys's Writing to The Point contains all the writing articles that appeared over the first ten issues of tomorrow Magazine, re-edited and expanded. It has an introduction by the author, and an appendix containing three separate essays:

"Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy"
"Ideas, How They Work And How To Fix Them"
"What a Story Is."

In this book you will find, in permanent form, everything an aspiring amateur needs to know in order to become a published author. Algis Budrys has taught hundreds of people at scores of workshops, and edited not only tomorrow Magazine but many books and other magazines. The methods he describes in Writing to The Point are methods that have worked repeatedly.


"Good stuff! Apart from being a good read it's full of sound and useful advice. If I could have had it at the time when I was doing my own personal best to break in, with many false starts and little confidence in the outcome, it would have saved me immense grief and perplexity."
Frederik Pohl
Bestselling Author and Science Fiction legend


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