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The Joy of Writing Poetry

The Mechanics of Poetry by Su Falcon
72 pages
5 x 8
soft cover

The Mechanics of Poetry
By Su Falcon

The Mechanics of Poetry does not promise to make a poet out of you, but it will take the mystery out of writing poetry and provide insight into the beauty of language as a tool for art and communication. The Mechanics of Poetry defines the basic concepts used in poetry in a logical sequence with clear, simple language. This essential and easy to understand little book is packed with information useful in any field of writing, from journalism to poetry to song lyrics.


Soref's definitions are brief and clear...
America Online

This book is deceptively simple. It is self-described as "a glossary of poetic terms," and, in one sense, that is exactly what it is. Most of the words we use to discuss poetry are defined here, from rhyme through sonnet to euphemism and oxymoron. The definitions are clear and precise.

However, the organization of the book makes it much more. Rather than alphabetically, the terms are arranged logically, so each definition builds on what the reader has learned before. Reading this book straight through (which takes less than an hour) gives one a quick but amazingly comprehensive lesson in how poems are constructed. (In case you do want to look up a specific word, there is a handy index in the back.)

This book was originally written to help teach poetry to middle and high school students (if one wants to use it for just that purpose, lesson plans are available from the publisher). Because of that, the language is simple, and there are no deep analyses. However, I hardly know any poets performing today who couldn't learn something from it, and probably improve their poetry in the process.

G. Murray Thomas
NEXT magazine

"The Mechanics of Poetry is what any poetry educator needs as a class aid; all praises to you for doing the research to create such a relevant and useful artistic education tool."
Merilene M. Murphy
President, Telepoetics, Inc.

"More than a simple dictionary, it is a tool for teaching and incrementally understanding an entire topic. And I loved the quotes placed at the end of the chapters!"
East Coast poet


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