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Submission Guidelines for Writers

Action Publishing currently publishes children’s picture books, juvenile and young adult fiction and adult trade non-fiction. Titles are developed in-house and acquired through agents.

Policy on Unsolicited Manuscripts

Since we too hope for moments of good fortune and serendipity, we also make our best effort to review unsolicited manuscripts submitted under the following conditions and caveats, which are written to facilitate that hope within the time and resources available.

1. No promise is made about how long it may take to review the submission.

2. A self addressed stamped envelope is included for reply.

3. If the submission does not match our interests or needs you will receive simple form letter declining the submission.

4. Children’s picture book manuscripts should be sent complete. Juvenile and YA fiction may be sent as an outline plus sample chapter or complete. Non-fiction should be sent as a summary, table of contents and sample chapter(s). Information on the audience, ages and marketing opportunities is allways appreciated.

5. Please apply standard manuscript formatting. There are many resources that describe that including Algis Budrys’ excellent book on writing fiction, “Writing to the Point”, available from Action Publishing, which includes a chapter on the difference between a manuscript and a story and how to format a manuscript.

6. We do not accept email submissions, email attachments or certified and registered mail.

8. Mail manuscripts to the Submission Editor at the address below. If you live outside the USA and wish to send a query before mailing, please use the contact form on our web site.

Thank you for your interest. Changes to these guidelines or our subject interests and needs will be announced in our email newsletter, available through this site.

Submission Editor
Action Publishing LLC
PO Box 391
Glendale, CA 91209

Action Publishing LLC
PO Box 391
Glendale, California 91209
(323) 478-1667

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